Company Overview

About Us

Ascendant has been in business successfully for over 20 years. The company's vision is to specialize in collecting delinquent healthcare debt utilizing the latest technology, while maintaining focus on our client's status and reputation in the marketplace. Ascendant is dedicated to serving its clients with professionalism and respect, and it is the trust our clients have in Ascendant that defines our success. Since its inception, Ascendant has actively participated in numerous organizations enabling us to keep up to date with the latest technology and developments in the ever changing healthcare receivables landscape. All Ascendant account representatives are office based; no positions are outsourced overseas.  

The mission of Ascendant is to be recognized as a leader in the healthcare receivables industry, and to maintain the highest level of service for all of our clients. The company’s vision is to specialize in collecting delinquent healthcare debt utilizing the latest technology, while maintaining focus on our client’s status and reputation in the marketplace. Ascendant is 100% committed to quality patient interaction and service with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Ascendant provides patients with innovative payment solutions that enables them to meet their payment obligations with dignity and ease. 

Ascendant is an innovative, technologically advanced medical debt collection agency that specializes exclusively in the collection of medical receivables for hospital-based physician groups.  The medical specialties of expertise for Ascendant include emergency medicine, hospital medicine, radiology, anesthesiology, and pathology.  When a hospital-based physician group chooses to partner with Ascendant, they are guaranteed the following leading edge debt collection offerings:

  • Seamless electronic set-up and transmission of all bad debt accounts via a fully secure and private web-based application.
  • Separate workflows for registered self-pay patients and balance after insurance patients.
  • Skip-tracing services for all accounts that have an incorrect/unknown address or telephone number.
  • Immediate deceased patient and bankruptcy filing identification and ongoing probate, estate claims, bankruptcy and proof of filing searches.
  • Probate court paperwork filings when an active estate for a deceased patient is located.
  • Medicaid eligibility searches during the first year (from DOS) for each account.
  • Legally approved debt collection letter series mailed to all individual patients.
  • Use of automated dialing technology to contact patients via telephone.
  • Experienced, multilingual, ACA certified telephone collectors extensively trained in FDCPA, HIPAA, and other relevant collection compliance laws and guidelines.
  • Credit bureau reporting.
  • Responsive Client Services Department.
  • Monthly reports and on-demand/customized reports delivered to you as often as requested via our secure managed file transfer site.
  • Customized electronic import and export payment files as requested.
  • Exceptional technology, including fully developed partnerships with state-of-the-art software produced by Ontario Systems Artiva, intricate data basing with LexisNexis and Forte Systems for probate, estate claims and bankruptcy filing.